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Basketball Drills for 5th Graders

5th Grade Basketball drills allow players to improve their skills in the sport. At the fifth grade level, the fundamental skills are the primary focus of drills. This includes passing, dribbling, ball control and shooting. The players should have some experience in these areas so the drills enable them to build their skill level with repetitive practice. Provide guidance and correction to ensure the kids use proper form without yelling or punishing them for mistakes.

Team Layup Challenge

The fifth grade players practice their layup skills with this drill. Divide the players into teams, assigning each team its own basketball hoop. The number of teams depends on how many players you have and the number of available hoops. Smaller team sizes give the kids more chances with the ball. The first person on each team approaches the hoop on the right and shoots a layup. She retrieves her ball and shoots a layup from the left side of the hoop. She passes the ball to the next teammate who repeats the layup shots. Challenge the teams to see which one makes the most layups in a minute. Another option is to see which team reaches a certain number of layups first. For example, the first team with 20 layups is the winner.

Defensive Dribbling

By fifth grade, the players should have the ability to dribble the basketball. This drill helps the kids think about protecting the ball and watching for other players while dribbling. It also gives the kids practice at approaching the player with the ball. Each player starts with his own ball and dribbles within a designated area of the gym. As they move around the area, the kids try to bat away the ball of another player. This requires the kids to focus on defending their own balls while dribbling, in addition to trying to knock away the other players' balls.

Ball Scramble Challenge

You need two teams for this basketball drill. Both teams stand at the center court line. Toss the ball onto the court near one of the hoops. The first player on each team scrambles to get to the ball first. The player who gets the ball earns a point for her team. The next player on each team then takes a turn. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Passing Drill

Players break into groups of three for a passing drill. Line each group up with at least 25 feet between the two end players. The third team member stands in the middle. One player starts with the ball, passing it to the middle player. The child in the middle runs toward the ball to catch the pass. He stops when he catches the ball, turns and passes the ball to the other team member. He starts running toward that player who passes the ball back to him. The middle player continues catching and passing the ball to either player on his team. Switch out the middle player after a set amount of time.

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